Free delivery! When choosing Interbeds you just pay for the bed.
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How do we deliver?

We provide our clients with GLS delivery.
The delivery is totally free, we will not charge a penny!

How long do I have to wait for the bed after placing an order?

We only distribute the products already based in our storage. Product is ready for shipment straight after placing and order, which means maximum of 3 working days for completion after the transaction.

May I pick a different form of delivery or collect personally?

Our products are delivered just by GLS company. There is no possibility to collect an order personally.

What are the usual time slots for delivery?

Couriers deliver packages during working days, usually between 8am. - 5pm. All dependand on the location of the delivery, weather conditions and the GLS itself.

Will GLS courier contact me before delivering a package?

In majority of cases couriers reach out to the clients. However, it is not quaranteed - exceeds couriers obligations.

What if the delivery is delayed?

The fastest stream of ontact with GLS is providing the number of the pakage. You can also contact our Client Service Desk +48 804 262 262 or using the contact form.

What if I am unable to pick up the parcel?

In case the parcel was not collected, courier will trry once again. To provide the courier with the convenient delivery date please contact GLS.

Remember! Check your parcel carefully before confirming the delivery. In case of any fracture during transportation, fill-in the damage protocol in the presence of GLS courier and contact us immediatelly.

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